Lego® Robotics: Amazing Animals
Working in teams of two under guided instruction, children build and program robotic models featuring working motors, motions and tilt sensors. Young learners will create their own LEGO zoo complete with a hungry alligator, roaring lion, and drumming monkey. (ages 8 to 12)

Lego® Robotics: Auto Shop
Calling all mechanics and car lovers! Campers create super cool robotic cars, trucks, planes, boats, and helicopters. Students with have the chance to design and build their own automotive creations while learning to work with motion sensors, tilt sensors, sound effects, motors, and gears. (ages 8 to 12)

Lego® Robotics: Crazy Contraptions!

Students create super-fun robots like a spinning top and a crazy spin art machine. Working in teams of two under guided instruction, children build and program robotic models featuring working motors, motions and tilt sensors. (ages 8 to 12)

Lego® Combat Robots

Do you think you can build the strongest and most agile robot? Can your robot win a head-to-head combat mission? Come learn basic strategies for building sturdy structures and then apply that knowledge to build a robot for friendly competition. Be prepared to have tons of fun! (ages 8 to 12)

Lego® Robotics Inventors Club

Children learn about the process real inventors go through to create new inventions while they help design, build, and program robotic models to solve problems. (ages 8 to 12)

Lego® Animation Studio
Students create their own animated movies. They write the script, build the sets, scenery, and props out of Lego elements. Once the filming is complete, students go into post-production - learning to edit their films, adding clips, music, voice-overs, and sound effects. (ages 8 to 12)

Engineering 101
(ages 5 to 10) Students build fun and functional machines. By playing with and manipulating the models, they experience pulleys, levers, gears, wheels and axles while exploring energy, buoyancy, and balance.

Lego Scientists
(ages 5 to 10) We make science fun at Snapology. Learn about plants, animals, and more by using Lego® bricks and other building tools.

Jr. Creator's Club

K and pre-K (ages 4 - 6) Pre-schoolers and Kindergarteners can participate in various creative play activities designed to promote the creative, social, and expressive skills of children. Young students build fun and simple models.

Lego® Superstructures
(ages 5 to 10) Can your Lego® fan design the next Taj Mahal? Students design and build the future in this exciting Lego® architecture program. It's never too early to foster your child's engineering and building skills in this super cool program.

Adventures with Star Wars®

Star Wars, Star Wars and more Star Wars. If you love Star Wars, this is the class for you. Come participate in Star Wars themed activities, build scenes from the movie, construct ships, lightsabers, planets, and more. (ages 5 to 10)

Lego® Super Heroes & Heroines

To the Batcave Lego® fans! Design your own superhero, create your own adventure and comic strip. Have a blast as you create your own fantasy world of superheroes and characters. What kind of super powers do you have? (ages 5 to 10)

Lego® Ninja Training

Students explore the martial art of Ninjitsu, design a dojo, and train their men to battle. Campers will learn Ninja Acrobatics and the Ninjato (Ninja Sword) and explore the history of the Ninja. (ages 5 to 10)

Lego® Basic Training

Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard. Become a Snapology soldier as you build your training camp, learn about Navy flags, design your Air Force jet and brave the seas in your Coast Guard boat. Who said kids can’t join the military? Be all you can be with Snapology!

Lego® Monster Mania
Get your scare on with Snapology's Monster Mania! Create your own monster fighter and haunted town, present your ghost stories to the class, and have a scary good time during this fun program. Last class ends with a spook-tacular Lego® party! (age 5 to 10)

Adventures with Lego® Minecraft®

(ages 6 to 10) Travel to the Nether with Snapology, but watch out for those creepers! Come join us as we bring Minecraft® to life using Lego® bricks. Create your own world, including animals, creepers and your very own Lego® Minecraft® character. (ages 6 to 10)

Lego® MineCraft Level II

This program will introduce children to areas of Lego® Minecraft they may have not had a chance to work in yet. They'll have fun making their world move with Redstone, taking a trip to the Nether and creating their own Steve skins. (ages 6 to 10)

Lego® Engineering Adventures Workshop
Calling all engineers and architects! Our Engineering Adventure program challenges students to design and construct buildings and the cities where they stand! Students
experiment with engineering concepts by building a series of fun and functional machines and learning to design sturdy structures. Can your bridge withstand the weight challenge? Join us and find out!

The Lego® Superhero Workshop
Ninja! Star Wars! Minecraft! Superhero & Heroines! Monsters and more! Our Superhero Workshop program has it all. Design comic strips, create your own characters and sets. Explore all of our theme programs in one super-fun class!

Lego® Crazy Contraptions Workshop
Our Crazy Contraptions Workshop gives students the opportunity to build and program crazy robotic contraptions featuring working motors, motions and tilt sensors. Students will explore engineering concepts through constructing Lego® rubber band cars and whacky conveyor belts while using their builds to engage in super-fun challenges.

The Master Builder Workshop
Students explore a variety of themes in our Master Builder Workshop. They spend time building robots with our Lego® Bionicles®, create mosaics based on images or characters (like Angry Birds and Minecraft), and take part in building one section of a giant city build! We incorporate a special station with a build from our Engineering 101 class, where children can build a simple working machine.
The Lego Girl's Club
Our Lego Girl's Club is a special series of classes, summer camps, and other programs designed especially for girls. Student's work in teams of two in a collaborative and supportive environment to create Lego® animated movies.
In-School Field Trips
We'll come to your school, park in the gymnasium or cafeteria and let you bring the children in class by class. We'll provide a hands-on, team based learning experience that the children will love.The curriculum will vary based on grade level and can be tailored to meet the content currently being studied at your school.
Home School Solutions
Snapology can provide a private class for your home-schooled students provided at least 10 students are enrolled. You can choose from any of our programs or we can design a program specific to your students. The majority of Snapology's class curriculums include detailed information regarding the standards of learning satisfied by the program. Bring your students here to have fun learning about science, technology, engineering and math!